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Experience and Filtering

When models was in table instaed of tiles like now i was been able to scroll down through all models till a month backward. now it is only three days and my pc start lagging. Usersstart using big gifs and bigger pictures make it lag (I think). So I suggest to add pages like for example 100 models per page, or add in filter by date( like search in discrord can filter by date) so one can select the date to jump and look through the models.There also weights gg training start producing models with a noise no matter how I clean up the source audio must be the limitation of free training or so becouse the same data trained 500+ epoch locally has no that hiss. I like to listen all the models and there are a lot of bad quality. Mostly from bad input audio but some i guess becouse of low quality training mode for free. If it is intended to be. please add in filter "uploaded by user" - user models usually better quality. As premimu trained models has ability to be private and hidden they less shown so there are only a lot of bad quality models with noise. but if someone who is premium post a model not on private i'd like to have in filter also the option. trained by weight permium. It is hard to listen all models through to find one that sound good. Thank you

0nnix 2 days ago

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