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Review models before they can be seen.

AI Hub has you do a verification process before you can post models, and I've noticed Weights.gg doesn't. I see tons of models are are of poor quality. Here is an example of a guy who has tons of models that are of the same person: https://www.weights.gg/user/clngzh6o40000mj08craozx5sIt seems pretty stupid that anyone can upload their low quality models there and not be taken down, whilst AI Hub members have to make sure their models don't have noise and are good quality to not be taken down. This guy literally just zips audio files and uploads them to Weights as models: https://www.weights.gg/user/cloqendba001ejo098t6e8hc1Add a verification system to ensure models aren't poor quality, or just an audio file, cuz this is not very smart.

Felix the Cat About 9 hours ago


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